Asqalan was established in 1994 by the chairman and founder, Dr.Eng. Hassan Oudah. Asqalan has seen a steady growth path over the past two decades. We are proud to announce that Asqalan today is one of the pioneers in the construction and development industry in the United Arab Emirates.  Asqalan has a rich and varied history, which has helped to cement its reputation as one of the leading construction companies in the UAE—being awarded the "best construction company in the UAE for the year of 2018" by the Middle East and Africa market achievement publications.

Asqalan today stands as a "one-stop building solution," offering all in one construction services to its beloved clients. Asqalan is a well-diversified construction company that serves in civil, infrastructure, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering. It also has its line of steel, wood, aluminum, and stone manufactory ensuring to deliver the highest quality of services to its customers with the most optimum cost and within the time allocated for each project. We assure our customers that Asqalan is fully capable of being a single source for any construction project.  

Asqalan has also been developing its real-estate portfolio by acquiring and building real estate assets from residential, commercial, industrial, and hospitality all over the seven emirates of the UAE.

In light of who we are, the Asqalan family are sincerely grateful to be able to work and flourish in the land of opportunity United Arab Emirates. Asqalan shares its loyalty and faith to the country it was born in and commits to always deliver the best quality service and value for their customer investment. We are determined to become one of the leading UAE family businesses in generating employment and contribution to the country's GDP.  As it all lies to the most crucial objective that we believe is what made us who we are today, which is maintaining our valuable reputation in following our fundamental values every step of the way.


Asqalan's vision is to become a mature, construction, and development conglomerate that can continue on a steady growth path and reach a sustainable business that can be handed over to generations to come and one day be called a sustainable multi-generational family business.


Asqalan's mission has always been the commitment to building excellence through partnership with its clients, consultants, and the government to turnkey and deliver high-quality projects within the time allocated and on budget.

Asqalan is also devoted to its employees by ensuring their career growth path, as well as taking care of their health, safety, and family welfare.


Asqalan values go back to its root family values, which are: loyalty, passion, honesty, integrity, ingenuity, respect, safety, success, quality, customer satisfaction, work ethics, stewardship, and finally, shared family business leadership.

Customer Relation Management

A Teamwork Approach

  • Working as a single integrated team and generating a spirit of mutual.
  • Foster a common professional identity and culture.
  • Use our diversity as a source of strength.
  • Be innovative and continuously improve.
  • Trust and empower each other, encourage initiative and assume responsibility.
  • Reward, recognize and acknowledge the accomplishments of others.
  • Treat all people fairly and with mutual respect.
  • Open communication and shared information.
  • Maintain high standards of safety, health and environment practices.
  • Conduct our construction business in an ethical manner.